Two parents in Fruitport Township have been abusing their baby son since the day he was born, according to the authorities who took Kevin, 25, and Randee Bastian, 27, into court Monday.

Kevin is charged with felony first-degree child abuse and Randee is charged with felony second-degree child abuse and a misdemeanor for lying to police.

WOOD TV reports the Department of Human Services has motioned to keep the Bastian's away from the 5-month-old Oryn Bastian, with requests in family court.

Oryn was taken to Mercy Hospital Dec. 2013 because he wasn't breathing. At the time the baby was three months old and suffered bleeding on the brain and spine, and mouth injuries, according to family court records.

Allegedly, Randee told police she was holding the infant and fell, but he didn't hit his head. Kevin allegedly told police he played rough with Oryn, tossing him in the air and catching him.

Oryn is in foster care, but his maternal grandmother is petitioning the court so Oryn can stay with her. Her attorney said in court the grandmother would not allow the parents to see Oryn. Oryn's living arrangements will be reviewed in an April hearing.

Kevin Bastian faces up to life in prison and Randee Bastian faces up to 12 years in prison, if convicted on all counts, according to WOOD TV.