Asking for background information from Walker's Department of Public Works, Clerk's Office or the City Manager now looks and costs the same in each case.

Walker City Commissioners last night approved standard practices and charges for what are known as FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.

City Manager Cathy Vander Muelen told WOOD Radio part of the adjustment sees administration of these requests go from her office to City Clerk Sarah Bydalek. "She's the one whose job involves keeping the city's records." Vander Muelen estimates they receive one or two FOIA requests a month.

It'll be a quarter per page for any records that are sought. Vander Muelen said this isn't likely to be a money maker for the government. "We were charging one amount in one office and a different figure in another. I don't believe this charge will meet our costs of producing the information."

The city manager added these actions did not come about because of non-compliance to meet standards of the federal FOIA act. "Anyone interested in getting some reports or records can learn more about the process by visiting our website."