Baseball, hockey, pro and college basketball.... a lot of sporting events to watch on television. Something else you might see more of, warnings regarding the high cost of sports injuries.

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says sports injuries "can be a huge financial blow to young people and families alike."

For the uninsured, government figures show treatment for an ankle sprain can cost over $2 thousand dollars. A broken arm, another common sports injury, can cost over $7 thousand dollars for treatment.

Why is the government taking the time now to talk about sports injuries? Reuters News reports with the clock running down on Obamacare enrollment, the administration hopes to persuade young people to sign up for health coverage by telling them how much it hurts not be insured - that is, how much it can hurt the wallet.

Reuters says young people are vital to the success of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law. Obamacare prevents insurance companies from penalizing people who are sick or older. And so the new marketplaces need young people who are cheaper to insure to make up for the higher financial risks posed by others.