Opponents of a wolf hunt in Michigan will be at the Capitol in Lansing Wednesday to urge lawmakers to vote 'no' on a citizen's initiative that effectively would allow a wolf hunt in Michigan to continue.

The group "Keep Michigan Wolves Protected" want state House members to vote no on the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which would let the Natural Resources Commission decide which animals should be designated as game animals. If approved it would render two anti-wolf hunting proposals on the fall ballot, moot issues.

Since the proposal also includes a one (m) million dollar appropriation to fight the spread of the Asian carp, the legislation cannot be challenged by referendum, as Michigan's constitution prohibits the public from rejecting budget bills via referendum.

The Senate has already approved the initiative, so it now needs only House passage as citizen's initiatives do not need a signature from the governor. If the legislature does not approve it, the proposal will go to the statewide ballot.