If an elementary teacher asked students to; answer the question by show of hands, “Who wants to be loved?” Do you believe each and every student would raise a hand? Since, love makes you feel as if you belong in this world. I believe that some would raise 2 hands. Who could resist the need to feel the warmth and security that comes from true love? Love makes you laugh, smile and feel wanted. As children we seek love because it helps us gain security and confidence in who we are and in the world around us. People that truly love you are patient enough to allow you opportunity to grow, the ability to make choices that will help guide you through learning your weaknesses and strengths. Somewhere between elementary age and our adulthood; we will have a far too many encounters with others that will not show love towards us. This happens for various reasons. The number one being the vicious cycle of insecurities, hurt and pain reflected on them. Therefore, they do not HOW to love another person properly.

The major reason people are so afraid of networking and making a connection to others is because they have been hurt by other people. When you reached out; you were judged, ignored, rejected, suppressed, lied on and lied to. Now you are unforgiving of others and unforgiving of yourself. Our past mistakes torment us and we find disconnecting is easy easier than trying to connect. Building solid relationships means connecting to others. You need to have an ultimate love affair with someone who you know, someone you can be safe with. Having an ultimate love affair will allow you to connect to others through the hurt or rejection you may feel. Take the time to re-connect and have the ultimate love affair, right now!

1) Forgive yourself and others. Un-forgiveness is a personal prison we can choose to be freed from at any time. No matter what, when or who was involved, when you forgive others you take away any power they have and you release yourself from the chains and can start healing.

2) Choose to love. True love is a decision, People do not just fall in love, they decide that they enjoy the feeling of the being around a person or become dependent on a feeling (like drugs) Love is patient, kind, long suffering, not self-seeking or rude. Show love to yourself!

3) Let Go- Let go of your past mistakes and the mistakes of others. Holding yourself or others hostage does you no good. You cannot safely drive a car looking in the rear view mirror. I am not telling you to forgive and forget, I am telling you not to dwell and move on! Relationships take effort and time. Take the time to understand people. Be patient with them, extend courtesies that you want extended to you.