Bar That Offered Free Drinks To Women Based On Bra Size Comes Under Fire

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There are many ways to get people to come to a bar, but one pub recently discovered a promotion that didn't go over too well. The Woolshed on Hindley in Adelaide, Australia went with a controversial method that offered free drinks to women based on the size of their bra.

The pub advertised the event on social media writing, "Hanging your bra is uncomfortable, hang it up in the shed and let loose. That means you as well boys." They then explained their "the bigger the better" policy, stating that those with an A cup will get a free drink, a B cup will get two drinks free, and a C cup will get three free drinks.

The promotion was immediately hit with backlash online. One commenters called it "misogynistic" while another said it was "disappointing that this was ever thought to be a good idea." Another person wrote, "Was a terrible idea from the get go, whoever came up with it and then allowed it to be shared should be in big trouble, seriously inappropriate stuff."

The Woolshed heard their critics, removed the post and apologized for it. On their Facebook page they wrote:

"We would like to address the concerns that have been raised regarding a recent social media post shared by our nightclub. We sincerely apologize for the fact that the post made some of our patrons feel uncomfortable and body-shamed as this was never our intention.
Based on the feedback from our community we have canceled the promotion and are workshopping ideas for different promotions that promote a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all. Moving forward senior management will be reviewing all promotional activity to ensure that it creates an inclusive environment for all our patrons.
Your feedback is valued and helps us to create the environment that both our staff and patrons love so suggestions are most welcome."

The comments on the apology were mixed, with some people pleased with the bar's reaction while others thought the idea was "hilarious" and wrote things like "people need to chill" and "people need to lighten up a little" and, "As a DD cup, I'd just like to say thanks for ruining everything, woke people." One other pointed out, "Financially it was just never going to work. Bras are way more expensive than a few free drinks." You can read more at the pub's Facebook page.

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