Scuba Diver Finds Live Tear Gas Grenade At The Bottom Of A Lake

Tear gas grenade

Photo: Love County Sheriff Office

A scuba diver made a surprising discovery while exploring the Marietta Landing area of Lake Murray in Oklahoma. The Love County Sheriff's Office said that the unidentified diver uncovered a tear gas grenade at the bottom of the lake.

The diver contacted authorities, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol's bomb squad was dispatched to the scene. They determined that the grenade was from the early 2000s and was still functional, despite being underwater for roughly 20 years.

Officials confiscated the grenade and said they planned to dispose of it off-site at a later date.

The grenade was marked: "M7A3 Riot CS."

According to NBC Newsthe U.S. Army describes the explosive device as a "CS-filled burning-type grenade" that is "designed to control counterinsurgencies" and "may also be used to simulate casualties during training."

The Sheriff's Office praised the scuba diver for contacting the police after he found the grenade.

"This is a great example of a citizen locating something they knew to be dangerous and contacting authorities so that it could be disposed of properly," the department wrote on Facebook. "If you are ever in a similar situation, please contact our office so that we can assist with disposing of dangerous devices such as this in a safe and secure manner."

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