Clue in Mail Bomb Sent to Obama: Cat Hair Under Label

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President Obama hosts a Cinco de Mayo reception at the White House - DC

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A 46-year-old Texas woman faces a host of charges after she allegedly mailed explosives to then-President Barack Obama, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and former Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin. Julia Poff of Sealy had been repeatedly denied Social Security benefits and was also upset with the handling of a child support case dating back to when Abbott was Texas attorney general, an investigator testified at a Nov. 16 detention hearing, per KPRC

The packages mailed in October 2016 to Obama and Colvin were flagged by screening systems, but Abbott opened his. It contained black powder and pyrotechnic powder inside a cigarette pack, but "failed to explode because he did not open it as designed," court documents read, per NPR and the Houston Chronicle. The documents note an explosion could’ve caused "severe burns and death."

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