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Colin Cowherd Picks Which of These 7 Teams is the Best Fit For Tom Brady

Watch Colin Cowherd decide what would be the best fits for Tom Brady in 2023 should the 45-year-old free agent return for a 24th season.

Bucs: “Good fit. Their offensive line allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL, he gets a new offensive coordinator that he’ll handpick, and they have no established quarterback under contact so they want HIM.”
Saints: “Not a fit. Defensive coach, least amount of cap space in the league, and Tom is at the point where he’s going to say ‘I need this, this, and this…’ Dennis Allen has had two opportunities has a head coach and it’s been a disaster with both.”
Raiders: “Not a fit. Josh Jacobs is a free agent, what if they don’t bring him back? The offensive line is good at left tackle but it needs a little help. Darren Waller is going to be there but he had injuries last year, and you have to win every game by shootout in a division with Herbert and Mahomes because the defense is bad.”
Titans: “I don’t think this is a fit. O-line is struggling, not a lot of cap space, and I think they would eat about $14 million of dead cap money for Tannehill if they move on. They don’t have any weapons and Derrick Henry feels like a pitcher who has pitched a lot of innings. Their one receiver is a kid.”
Dolphins: “Great fit. He’s got speed receivers in Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill. Get it to them and bubble screen it. Left tackle is good, the rest is a little bit regrettable, but what I do like is he’s got a lot of guys who are good after the catch so Tom doesn’t have to sit in the pocket forever.”
Jets: “Not a fit. I’m not handing my career to a young roster, a zany owner, and a coach who has to win THIS year. Tom wants to join something with a lot of talent or a lot of momentum, and they don’t have any momentum.”
Niners: “Kind of a fit, kind of not. If the Niners lose 24-23, why would the Niners want to pay their quarterback when you don’t have to? If they get beat 38-7 and Purdy is completely over his skis then you have a discussion.”

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