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Colin Cowherd Says Patrick Mahomes, Not Tom Brady, is the 'GOAT'

Colin Cowherd: “Mahomes is different… He played on one leg, had no run support, was missing three of his top receivers at one point, and he still put up a ‘Mahomes-ian’ line. The greats overcome and both those quarterbacks were great, but one is greater. Five years, five AFC Championships, all at home. MVPs, trophies, he doesn’t have them stacked like Brady, but Bill Russell won almost twice as many titles as MJ and was perhaps the greatest defensive player of all time and we didn’t wait to call MJ the ‘GOAT’. What are we waiting for? His instincts are faster and better than Brady, he moves better than Brady, arm better than Brady, winning more early than Brady, not relying on defense like Brady, he’s the best quarterback I’ve ever seen. Pain tolerance, Mahomes is A++. I saw Mahomes play with a high-ankle sprain a couple years ago and he had 440 yards. It was against the Raiders but it was still something to see. Every other quarterback has had something they worked around— Brady is not very physically mobile, Manning could get rigid, Favre made too many mistakes, Montana wasn’t big enough, but Mahomes checks every box and his instincts are bizarre. His ability to see an open player and get the ball out of his hand quickly? Marino was close but Dan is not this. I’ve literally never seen a quarterback without a hole. Every couple years he goes off the reservation with his mechanics and Andy has to reel him back in, but every quarterback is good with the lead, every quarterback is good with a run-game, every quarterback is good with time— Mahomes went 67%, 105.4 passer rating, two TDs, no picks, 326 yards throwing to backups who have more career tackles than catches. He doesn’t dip in the playoffs. The ability of Mahomes is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I love Burrow but what you’re watching here is different, and when you put them side to side you see the difference. I think Mahomes is getting better, seriously. Mahomes is the greatest quarterback talent I have ever seen, and I don’t know why I need to keep waiting. Arm, instincts, mobility, pain tolerance, intelligence, I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t want to hear about your crappy quarterback’s average o-line, or your crappy or average quarterback’s lack of receivers, who was Mahomes throwing to yesterday?? Guys that Aaron Rodgers couldn’t make viable, Mahomes makes viable in the AFC Championship Game. Absolutely insane talent and we’re lucky to have him.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is the ‘greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen’, as Colin says the ‘GOAT’ conversation shouldn’t take an entire career to manifest.

Check out the segment above as Colin compares Mahomes to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady to Bill Russell.

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