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NFL Executive Believes 49ers Will Trade Trey Lance, Sign Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd: “Even though his parents are in the Bay Area, I never thought Tom Brady would ever want to play football 3,000 miles away from his kids… But an NFL executive told The Athletic’s Mike Sando anonymously that he believes the Niners are going to trade Trey Lance and sign Tom Brady. Watching that game in the third quarter I was thinking ‘everybody’s got a breaking point’ and Kyle Shanahan is sitting there Sunday thinking ‘Trey Lance hurt, Garoppolo hurt, Brock Purdy hurt, Josh Johnson hurt, I'm snapping the ball to a running back. Get me a big athlete who is not hurt.’ 6’4”, 220-pound Tom Brady, who has not missed a start due to injuries since 2008. I’m sorry, I would think about it. Circumstances have changed. Now you find out that Purdy, the injury is worse than we thought, and he can’t participate in offseason workouts. He’s not going to be back until the season. Well, he’s a seventh-round pick and he didn’t even start the season. Anybody notice what Brock Purdy did when he got the news that he tore his elbow up? He wanted a second opinion because he sees his career withering away. You think Kyle Shanahan is going to go into a season with Garoppolo, Trey Lance off an injury, and Brock Purdy off an injury with this roster? Don’t forget, Kittle is going to be 30 soon, he’s been injured. Christian McCaffrey, 27, those are dog years, that man has taken shots. Deebo has played one whole season of 16 games in his career. Trent Williams is going to be 35 soon, this is an OLD offense. If Kittle and Trent Williams retired after next year would you be shocked? Would you be shocked if Deebo or McCaffrey got dinged up again? Purdy is smaller than you’d ideally want, the injury is worse than originally reported, now he’s going to miss off-season workouts, opinions change when circumstances change. Kyle Shanahan is sitting there thinking ‘look at this roster, look at this offense, my side of the ball, this window is shrinking.’ It’s like one more great year of this offense then you have to hit on another fifth-round tight end like George Kittle. Brady doesn’t miss starts due to injury. Even if Brock Purdy comes back next year and is pretty darn good, do you think he’s going to be part of a dynasty? He’s talented, he’s a gamer, but they’re not building around it. That’s why Brock Purdy wants a second opinion. This is his opportunity and now suddenly, it’s vanished potentially. I think Kyle is thinking about Brady.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Brock Purdy’s serious elbow injury opening up the door for the 49ers to acquire free agent Tom Brady, as one NFL executive believes the Niners will trade Trey Lance, and sign the 7-time Super Bowl champion.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why he thinks Purdy’s chance to remain the Niners quarterback next year came to a crashing halt with his injury, and it’s becoming obvious with Purdy’s desperation for a second opinion.

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