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A Symptom of a Declining Country

What are the symptoms of a decline?

You’ve probably heard the phrase a lot lately: The Decline of America

But what does it mean? What do people mean when they say the ‘Decline of America’ and more

importantly, why?

We have the last 8000 years of history to provide us with a few case studies. There is one

glaring element that stares me straight in the face, that I can not shake from my mind that truly

makes me think we’re staring a fall of a nation straight in the face.

Is it when your country begins to lose its global power status? Maybe, but not just that.

Is it when your country enacts a few faulty political policies that lead to hiking inflation or an

overwhelmed customs and border control? Maybe, but not just that.

So what is it?

It’s when a country can no longer unite against a common evil or towards a common good.

When a nation can suddenly be split into two trains of thought and that nation not only

disregards the need for social coherence but promotes the repression of a train of thought that

doesn’t perfectly align with their own.

I have family that has lived through the Lebanese Civil War in the 1980s. Can you guess how

the conflict began? You guessed it: Muslims on one side, Christians on the other.

The ideologies may change, but human behavior always stays the same. If a group is more

focused on fighting the ideologies of its own people than those enemies outside its country, then

you have your symptom of a declining country.

Scene from Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith used as an analogy for the Left and the Right.

Guess which one is which:

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